Write Poetry With Syllabic Meter

Syllabic Meter or Syllabic poetry means that the same numbers of syllables are in each line or in a regular pattern of numbers per line. You can either write a syllabic poem that has rules or make up your own rules. Whatever you decide, this kind of poetry is a great way to express yourself creatively and also have fun.

Write a haiku or a senryu. Haiku and senryu have the same syllabic form; five syllables in the first line, seven in the second line and five again in the last line. The difference between these two forms is content; haiku are supposed to be about nature or spirituality, while senryu can be about anything at all with reference to human nature.

Create a Cinquain, which is a French syllabic meter form that literally means “a grouping of five.” A traditional Cinquain have five lines and they are composed like this: two syllables for the first line, four syllables for the second line, six syllables for the third line, eight syllables for the fourth line and then two syllables again for the last and final line.

Compose your own kind of syllabic meter poem either by writing a certain number of syllables for each line of your poem or by using a pattern of syllables for each line of your poem such as this; eight syllables in the first line, six syllables in the second. Play around and see what you can come up with and have fun.

There are many more forms of Syllabic Poetry forms than mentioned here. For example there are Tanka, Naga Uta and Nonet, just to name some more, so either buy a poetry form book or do a search a one online and have fun.


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