Write Poetry That Rhymes

A rhyme generally means that there are two or more words have the same basic sound. This is called a perfect rhyme, but there are many other definitions such as assonance, which is a rhyme of vowel sounds such as (swan and pond), as well as certain poetry forms like limericks that have a rhyme structure to them. So have fun while learning new ways of playing with words in your poetry.

Compose a poem using perfect rhyme. These are the most popular kind of rhyming poems and also the most difficult to do well since it is very easy to do them badly. Use your rhyming dictionary to and find new ways of looking and hearing words as you write.

Write a poem using assonance. Thinking of the sounds of the words is a great way to begin a poem of this kind since assonance is about the repetition of vowels or vowel sounds. This is a great way to go beyond how you normally think of words and rhyming and expand your abilities as a writer.

Create a limerick by writing a five line poem this rhyme scheme, AABBA pattern, which means that the first, second and fifth lines rhyme together and the third and fourth lines rhyme together. There is also a syllable count per count line of which is eight syllables for the first, second and fifth lines and two syllables for the second line. Limericks are usually humorous or satirical, so be playful with your rhyming and have fun.

Rhyming dictionaries look up words based on sounds instead of spelling. So learn how to use this essential tool of writing rhyming poetry.



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