Write an Alphabet Poem

An Alphabet Poem is one that uses that letters of the alphabet either as the beginning the letters of each line of the poem. There are three basic ways to write them and all are fun and easy to do.

Write a poem where each word begins with a letter of the alphabet. This is the most common type of alphabet poem. You can either write your poem from A to Z or for an added challenge write one from Z to A instead.

Create an Alphabet Poem by writing one sentence for each letter of the alphabet. The sentences can rhyme, but they don’t have to and again you can write from either A to Z or from Z to A. On one of the side of your paper write down each letter of the alphabet from top to bottom.

Compose an Alphabet Poem by looking at a single letter and then imagining its appearance as something else. The letter “M” could be a baby bird with its beak open waiting for its mother to feed it or the lowercase “i” could be a small child peeking at the world. Write a poem about the image you see in the letter.

Repeating each letter of the alphabet for each line of your poem is another way of writing alphabet poems. So your first line would begin with words all starting with the letter “A” and your next line would begin with letters starting with the letter “B” and so on for the rest of your poem.

For poems written using a sentence composed for each letter; don’t write sentences that are too long or that take up two rows on your page.



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