Write a Unique Poem

Writing your own unique poetry is a fun way to explore words and look at poetry. There are even some poetry forms, such as Found poems and Centos, to help you get started or you can come up with your own ideas and see where your imagination and creativity takes you. Also there are books of poetry exercises which can help you come up with unique poems too. Whatever you choose have fun exploring the world of poetry and pushing the envelope to see where you can go.

Write a Found poem, which is a poem made up from words or phrases that the poet finds and turns into a poem. Look at magazines and newspapers, street signs, and start write down whatever strikes you as interesting. Another way to create them is to cut up stories or articles from magazines and newspapers and then rearrange them.

Compose a Cento, which is a poem made up entirely of parts of poems written by other authors. When you begin writing your Cento don’t change anything about the line you are using, you can repeat it as much as you like. You can use lines from one poet or many, just be sure to list each poet’s name with their original lines.

Buy a book of poetry exercises and write poems from each one. They are an invaluable tool for every poet, because they contain exercises are designed to help you push yourself to write and see words differently. Now take whatever you have learned from the poetry exercises, found poems and Cento and create something that is completely your own.

It is difficult to have Found poems published in some magazines because some publishers worry about plagiarism. So always list the sources of your lines in a found poem especially if you take them from a newspaper or magazine article.



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