Write a Lune

A Lune is the American version of the Japanese traditional haiku. There are two forms of Lune. One counts syllables, like a haiku, and the other counts words. Both forms are easy poetry forms to learn and can be taught to children as well as adults. So have fun with this great way to write poetry.

Write a Lune in its original pattern of 5/3/5 syllables like this: your first line is composed of syllables, your second line has three syllables and your third line has five syllables. All together this variation of the Lune should have thirteen syllables.

Compose a Lune in its other variation of 3/5/3 words like this: three words for the first line, five words for the second line and three words for your last line. This form is especially easy for children to learn since counting words is easier for them than counting syllables. There should be eleven words when you are finished writing this variation of a Lune.

Practice writing Lunes in either of the two forms above. Unlike haiku, Lunes are not limited to any specific subject matter. So write about anything you wish, just make sure to have one complete thought within your three lines.

Read some Lunes aloud so that you can learn the mental rhythm of them more easily. Once you have learned to write them, every word and thought you have can easily become the subject of a Lune. So let your creativity run wild and have fun.

Once you get into the rhythm of writing them it’s not easy to stop. One girl said she wrote over one hundred of them in one night.



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