Write a Haibun

Haibun is a Japanese form of poetry that combines a haiku poem with sections of prose. There is no set length for a haibun, so you are free to make them as long as you wish. However just like when you write a haiku, there are rules about subject with haibun as well. So have fun learning how to write haibun and enjoy this great way of expressing yourself through poetry and prose.

Think of subjects relating to either a physical or a spiritual journey to write a traditional haibun. Many haibun begin with the prose section first, with one haiku following it, but as with most poetic forms you can write your haibun however you choose.

Cut out any unnecessary words from your prose. Every word of your prose must be essential to your prose or you should delete it. So feel free to write using fragmented thoughts and sentences, along with strong imagery in your descriptions.

Create your haiku as you normally with five syllables in your first line, seven in your second line and five again in your last line with themes of nature and spirituality. Your haiku doesn’t have to relate to your prose section of your haibun, since it is up to your reader to figure how the two fit together.

A haibun is not a short story. Like haiku it should be open-ended in meaning so that the reader can come up with their own opinions as to what it means.

The haiku aren’t supposed to explain your prose, but give a sense of what your prose is about rather without than describing it.



One Response to Write a Haibun

  1. graceofwynn says:

    Thanks for the tips 🙂 I am experimenting with Haibun and really enjoy the challenge.

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