Write a Collaborative Poem

A collaborative poem is a poem written by two or more people that can be as short or go on continuously as an ongoing project. There are many different ways to write collaborative poems from doing them with friends or posting them at online websites. Learning how to write collaborative poetry is fun and easy to do. They are a great way to have fun with your friends and create beautiful poetry that you can share or even publish.

Write a Renga which is a Japanese form of poetry that consists of short verses of alternating lines three or two lines each throughout. One person begins by writing one stanza and then passing it onto the next person and then continuing both are satisfied that the Renga is complete. Some Renga have been as long as one hundred lines or more and people have used this form of poetry as a word game at parties.

Think of subjects that you and a friend or friends can write about and then decide to either write one line each or one stanza each and combine them. Another way to construct a collaborative poem is to write line or stanza and hide it only giving the next person the last word of your stanza or line. The person you give it to does the same and only reveals the last word of their line or stanza and gives it to you or if you’re doing this with a group, to the next person until everyone has a turn. You can do this as many times as you like until you’ve finished your poem and unlike the Renga there are no rules for subject so you are free to write about anything you like.

Visit an online website where you can partake in a collaborative poetry exercise. There are many websites which specialize in collaborative poetry exercises that you can do with other online users.

In traditional Renga the first verse should have something in it about a season of the year such as winter snow or autumn rain. Other things typically used in traditional Renga are mentions of flowers, the moon and love.


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