Play Surrealist Word Games

Surrealism is the art of the absurd where anything is possible from the bizarre to the fantastic. Surrealist word games help to increase your imagination as you have fun with words, word play, thoughts and images. Combine words and thoughts to create new ways of looking at things. Surrealist word games are a great way to learn about writing, express yourself and have fun since some of the things you come up with can be hilarious.

Write an Exquisite Corpse which is a game that needs more than one person. Take a piece of paper and write a phrase on it, fold the paper so that the next person can’t see it, and then have them do the same thing. This game can go on as you as you like and then in the end you can read what you wrote.

Compose a Dadaist poem by taking a newspaper or magazine article and cutting out all the words that strike you and then placing them together to create a new poem. To make your Dadaist poem even more interesting, put the cut up words in a bag and then write them down as you pull them out to create your poem.

Relax yourself and then use either a pen or pencil or your computer and start writing. Don’t stop for at least five minutes and just let the words flow out of you at random. This is called “Automatic Writing” is one of the primary writing techniques of the Surrealists as a way of freeing your imagination.

Write a sentence beginning with “If” on a piece of paper and then fold it over and it to your friend. Then they write a sentence beginning with “Then,” and after you done this back and forth a few times with each of you taking turns, read the paper and see what you’ve come up with. This kind of Surrealist game is a called If/Then and it’s not only a writing exercise, but a fun game to play with friends and family.

Create a Collaborative poem or story by writing one line, and then telling your friend the last word of your line. Then they write a line of poetry and give you the last word of the line they’re written. Don’t tell each other what you’ve written except for the last words of your lines or sentences and continue this as long as you like. You can either do this with a folded piece of paper or on a computer where you combine your sentences using the last words as your guides.


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