Get Published in the Harvard Business Review

Getting published by the Harvard Business Review is something you can do once you learn what their requirements are. They are looking for articles that both cutting edge, informative and well written. So you’ll need to send them a proposal outlining your ideas. There are some steps which they require to do this properly and to show them that your article is exactly what they’re looking for. You can either submit your proposal by email or regular mail, so start thinking of ideas and get writing.

Read the Harvard Business Review before you write your proposal. One of the best ways to get published is to learn about a publication is to read it first and see what their requirements are.

Prepare your proposal by first thinking of a topic to draw their interest. You need to answer some essential questions such as: what is your central message, can it be applied in business today, would your ideas work well with a number of different businesses, what research have you done or is required to complete your article, and what professional or academic experience are you drawing from to write your article?

Write a two to three page (500 to 750 words) narrative outline that details the structure of your article and describes each important point of it in a separate paragraph. They want you to highlight any new ideas you have as well show them that your writing is logical and be put into practice in the business world. A narrative outline is essentially an introduction of yourself or your ideas.

Use real life examples to illustrate the points you want to highlight in your article. Remember they are a business magazine so they are looking for things that their readers can use in the marketplace.

Write persuasively and know what you are talking about. Be able to show examples of your ideas with a fresh perspective.

Look for any logic holes and address those issues before submitting your article. If there are any problem areas at all, fix them first, do extra research if it’s needed, whatever you have to do to polish your work and the framework of your article.

If you don’t want to pay the full subscription price go to a bookstore and read the Harvard Business Review there or do a search online and read some articles that way.

Rejection letters happen to the best writers, so don’t get discouraged.  Getting published takes time, patience and effort


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