Blessed Ink

So okay no, maybe not just my published articles. I have decided to start actively working on my poetry book while also concurrently working on my novel. Ambitious, yes, but at least it’s better than wasting time on Twitter or Facebook. I have a few weeks until the publisher I work for has everything put together for me to work for my next client, so it’s a good time to get started doing something productive and so what if I don’t finish both of these projects by then, at least I’ll have a good start. I’ve got the names of some poetry book publishers lined up, so it’s time to take the plunge. The novel will take more time and effort to get out there, but that’s going to happen too.

Until then my bread and butter job of writing articles about everything from software to jewelry design will help me pay the bills, while also helping me to grow as a better writer. There is nothing wrong with learning about the various aspects of writing. Besides I feel quite blessed to be able to make a living from words. That’s how much I love writing. Even when I’m writing about something like banking regulations in the UK, it’s a wonderful thing because I have found a way to do what I love best while supporting myself at the same time. Yes I am blessed.

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2 Responses to Blessed Ink

  1. papaed says:

    You are blessed to be able to make a living writing, and with such diversity! Thanks for sharing this site with me. I’ll read on with love in my heart.

  2. Blackbirdsong says:

    Thanks Ed, I love this so much more than any writer’s site I’ve been on. It only took me a couple of years to get this going, but thankfully my friend Paul “gingatao” gave me the kick in the pants that I needed to get things going.

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